Dave Keuning! Dave Keuning! Signing my college coursepack! LOL Signing my college coursepack! LOL

Hello Fellow Victims,

I just wanted to share a wonderful and extremely memorable experience I had tonight with Dave Keuning. 

I was shopping at a nearby mall when I ran into a man that looked just like Dave. Considering, they are playing in town tomorrow, it would make complete sense for him to be there. At first I thought, there is no way. No way at all. And my friend and I walked away thinking I was just so obsessed with the Killers therefore I was hallucinating. I asked her to look him up on her iphone, just to make sure. 

And so she really thought it was him. 

Unfortunately, he went into a store and we lost sight him. Speed walking in, we waited in the men’s section while he used the restroom, just to get a second look. No worries, we were pretending to shop for ties. He walked away once more and yet we were still stumped. We still wasn’t sure if it was him, especially since he was wearing a north face and carrying shopping bags.

We walked around to different stores thinking he was just a doppelganger and tried to forget about it. But we ran into him again. And this time we had to make sure. Since his legs are ridiculously long, we had to walk a lot faster to catch up to him. Right before he exited the mall, my friend yelled out “DAVE.” He didn’t turn his head around.

But I had to make sure. I really did. 

So, we followed him outside and he walked towards the middle of the parking lot. But then he kept going and going til he reached the edge of the parking lot. It seemed like he was really lost. He kept walking for 15 minutes, on the perimeter of the parking lot, when it was really dark outside. I thought he was just waiting to get picked up. My friend and I decided to get my car and see if he needed any help. So, we ran to the opposite side of the mall and drove to find him walking on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop cause there was traffic behind me, so I turned around and drove by him again.

I ALMOST DIDN’T HAVE THE GUTS TO CALL OUT HIS NAME. But my friend said, will you regret it? So I opened the window and yelled out, “Are you Dave Keuning?”

He said, “Yes I am. Can I get a ride?”

It turns out his phone died and he couldn’t use google maps. So, he was walking around to try and find his hotel which wasn’t too far away.

He was incredibly kind and let me freak out over the encounter. I asked him about performing for the Voice, who he did his shopping for, if he was going to be home for the holidays, seeing them at the show, and when the band got in town. He told me he would’ve given me tickets if I didn’t have some already. He talked about how he didn’t have gloves and his hands were really cold (I was so worried but hopefully he is alright!). He also pointed out the tour bus that was parked at the back of the hotel. I told him to say hello to everyone else.

And when we got to the front and I got a picture with him! He was about to leave but I asked, could I get an autograph? I didn’t have a pen or any paper. So, I took the back of my college coursepack and my friend gave me her pen to let him sign it with. After that, he went back inside.

It wasn’t til 10-15 minutes later, when I realized what actually happened. I got to my friend’s house and let it out. I was so overwhelmed and started crying like there was no tomorrow. I am so incredibly happy and blessed that I got to meet him. And considering how down to earth he is, I am so proud to be a fan of the Killers. GAH! This is something I have only dreamed about for 8 years.

I seriously cannot wait until tomorrow :D And, although everyone has always told me to use extreme caution when talking to random people on the side of the road, I AM SO HAPPY I DID.